MONY Customers

As part of our on-going commitment to provide the most effective customer service, we are transitioning your policy to a new system. This change will not affect your benefits or coverage in any way; however, we wanted to ensure you had information on how to best access your policy information during the brief transition.

As part of this transition a new policy number will be assigned. Future annual statement(s) and correspondence will reflect this new policy number. Please reference your new policy number for any future inquiries and/or policy service requests, and we suggest you attach a copy of your next statement to your policy for future reference.

How will I know when my policy number is transitioning to a new system?

Policy numbers beginning with 1ISL, 1UL, 1ULA, 1SUL, 1WL, 1LT, 1LTA, 1YRT, 2ISL, 2UL, 2ULA, 2SUL, 2SULA, 2LT, 2LTA, 2YRT will be transitioned to a new system on 12/1/2018. All others will be transitioned at a later date.

How do I reach the Customer Service Center?

You may reach our Customer Service Center by phone at (800) 487-6669.

Where do I mail a service inquiry or request?

You may reach our Customer Service Center by mail, email or fax at:

MONY Life Insurance Company
PO Box 1205
Birmingham, AL 35201-1205
(205) 268-3402

Where do I mail my payments?

Please remit future payments to our Payment Processing Center at:

PO Box 2224
Birmingham, AL 35246-0030

Now Paying Online is Easy! Effective December 10th, future premium notices will contain a URL address to our customer service online portal. Use this portal to make your premium payments online.

Will there be any changes to my policy issue date or billing date?

If your policy anniversary and/or billing day is between the 29th - 31st of the month, this day will be adjusted to the 28th of the month. This change will not affect your benefits or coverage in any way. Policy owners who have elected to have premiums withdrawn from their bank account between the 29th - 31st of the month, will be adjusted to the 28th of the month.

To view your policy/contract online, visit our registration page.

Will there be any impact to my requests for service, billing or automatic back drafts during this transition?

The transition to the new administrative system will take place from December 1, 2018 through December 9, 2018.

  • As a result of the transition, there will be some delays in automatic bank drafts, statements, billing, and correspondence during this time. This should not affect your policy in any way.
  • If you have an immediate need for assistance with your policy during the transition period, you may contact us at the address and telephone numbers provided below.

Normal service, billing and correspondence generation will resume on December 10, 2018.

Use of the MONY marks is under license from AXA Financial Inc. and it’s affiliates. MONY Life Insurance Company ("MONY") is a wholly owned subsidiary of Protective Life Insurance Company. Protective Life Insurance Company serves as administrator for MONY Life Insurance Company of America ("MLOA").